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About The Rabbi

Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry

Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry is an inspirational speaker, educator, author, and life coach who has inspiring hundreds of people
by lecturing internationally on topics of Torah thought, Self Development, psychology, and leadership. And relationships.

The transformative online self-development and Relationships courses based on the principles of Torah, high-performance psychology, and leadership.

Rabbi Lasry has spent the last 10 years researching psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and leadership.
After he got his Semicha from the Rabbinical In Israel from the Chief Rabbis. He led several communities throughout the United States Maryland, Los Angeles, and now he opened his own Community in Florida
-Tehilat Yitzchak Center. Sephardic Community, And Bet Din.

After He worked with a lot of People, and he got into a point that he needed more tools for himself and others.

That’s led him on a spiritual journey of self-development, and Learning About the human behaviors, and psychology.
ultimately to his life’s mission of helping others find their inner purpose and live their greatest lives.

Rabbi Lasry’s passion is spreading Jewish wisdom worldwide.
His inspirational videos on his YouTube Channel, have reached hundreds of thousands of people and his Lectures has making an Impact on people’s lives.
He is known as a Life coach who helps young people, and couples to improve their life, and to Rebuild their Relationship.
Rabbi Lasry , Married to Tehila Lasry, and they Have 5 kids b”h.

On this website you can find all the Courses of Rabbi Lasry, and Also Videos of Classes on the Weekly Parasha. Articles on a Different Topics. and more..