Rabbi Lasry

Bet Din

Sephardic Orthodox Bet Din In South Florida

The Bet din was established in 2016 since Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry came to Florida.

He opened the Bet Din for Conversions.

Rabbi Lasry got his Semicha From the Rabbinical in Israel in 2013 from the Chief Rabbi’s, Rabbi Yitzchak Yossef, Rabbi David Law, Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Amar, Rabbi Matzger, and more..
The Bet din is Located in Holywood, at Tehilat Yitzchak Center -Sephardic Community.

Rabbi Lasry taught the Students for almost 2 years about Judaism, Jewish History, Jewish Calendar, Shabbat, Kosher, and more.
The Bet din also doing marriage authorizations, and Gotten (Divorce ) with Rabbi Moshe Hafuta from Los Angeles.


The Bet Din Members

Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry

Rosh bet din

Rabbi Royi Gabay


Rabbi Yuval Nof


Rabbi Moshe Hafuta

Dayan (for Gittin)

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