Rabbi Lasry

Jewish Life Coaching Course

Based on Kabbalah, and ancient Jewish Wisdom.




It’s time to make a lasting change! No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed before, you can succeed. In this program you’ll experience:

+ LEARNING | Weekly LIVE coaching lesson on various Topics about personal development 

+ GROWTH | getting the right tools to shift your mindset and start taking action in your life

+ RESULTS | Start feeling better and seeing change in your life while working at your ideal time and pace.

Who is an ideal fit? Committed men and women seeking whole-life satisfaction and willing to do the work to achieve it.

What we will Learn:

  • Discover yourself who you are? And What is your Potential.
  • How to increase your Value and Happiness  
  • Taking accountability of your life Vs being a victim 
  • Change your story -Change your life! 
  • How to change your life by begin grateful 
  • Changing the Reality by changing your thoughts and your words. 
  • Giver Vs taker -The Power of giving. 
  • The 6 Needs of Human being , and Values. 
  • Identifying goals and defining a vision for success
  • 4 keys of success to get the better result 
  • How to make Decision in life
  • Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem
  • how to manage Anger, Frustration and Stress
  • Love, Connection & Relationship


What’s the investment?

For Now only 499$ 

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Rabbi Yitzchak Lasry ,

Rabbi, Public Speaker & Life Coach.

Study About life Coaching, over the past 10 years. from the Expert like: 

Landmark, Life Design, Tony Robbins, Master Nlp, And More..

The Purpose of this course is to learn the Tools for success and self-development from the Jewish sources, life Talmud, Kabbalah, and Chassidus. And more..  Don’t miss it! 

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My name is  Rabbi YItzchak Lasry, and I have spent my life researching, spirituality, and leadership, and have been blessed to become a Rabbi, speaker, author, coach, and educator. 

That’s why I created this course. I want to give you all the strategies, principles, and life-changing ideas that I have learned along my journey.

If you have dreams you want to chase after, change you want to manifest, and ideas you want to act on, then this course is for you. I know you want to take your life to the next level and create a vibrant and fulfilling future.

Four NEW Signup BONUSES:

  1. Get an Extra Spot for a Friend or Family Member: We all like to grow together with friends. For a limited time only, when you sign up, you will be able to choose one friend or family member who receives this course free of charge!
  2. High-Performance Worksheets: Every video has worksheets to help you implement and concretize everything you just learned, helping you create clarity and momentum moving forward.
  3. Audio Downloads: Prefer to listen? Every video has an audio download so that you can personalize your learning experience to your exact preferences. Watch or listen at home, on the go, while eating, or even while exercising.
  4. What’s up Group -that you can ask and share what ever you want, and Join our Amazing People that already signed up to the Course. 
  5. Facebook Group -that I will share live Videos about different Topics, And articles , that can enjoy and share with others.