Rabbi Lasry

Couples Therapy

Marriage Consultation

Couples face challenges from communication breakdowns, work-related stress.
Whether you or your partner feels unhappy in the relationship or are unsure about the level of commitment to the relationship, marriage counseling and couples therapy
With Rabbi Lasry, can help you reveal and interrupt the repetitive patterns that keep you stuck, by  Coaching you how to Rebuild your Relationship from the beginning

What We Help With, in Couples Therapy

Identify the issues

Identify specific issues in your Relationship and your Personal Life to be focus on the solution

Restore trust

Learn communication tools to increase vulnerability and restore trust

Rediscover strengths

find the Power and uniqueness within yourself and your Partner. and develop the strengths

Love & Passion

Learning about how to create love and Passion between you & your partner.

Empathy and resolution

Practice conflict-resolution strategies for improved empathy and problem-solving skills

What People Say

Couples Testimonials

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